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The anime popular novels-2014In the new times anime light novel
Fei plays the aria of novels》 | 《Of nami is coming to an end the world?》 | 《The more the heroes》 | 《The spell of singing of mana》|《To see the new spirit worldMake the sword dance》 | 《The evil Lord? How to treat his dancer?Come and look at itThe king of magic bullet and her novels》 | 《Super dragon knight!!To onlookers~~Star carved dragon knight》 | 《No game No life!No game, don't have to live!!No games, no life》 | 《Back in the second disease,Be careful!!In the second disease also want to fall in love!2014In the new times anime light novelMagic war novels | |The more the heroes | |Meng of the invaders | Turns the hunter Dullahan
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